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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do matches go for?

The duration of matches for each age division is shown below.
All matches are to be of two (2) equal halves.
The half time break is not to exceed 5 minutes.
INJURY/STOPPAGE TIME is only to be played in the last match of the day on that field.

Age Group

per Half

Under 6’s and 7’s 15 minutes
Under 8’s and 9’s 20 minutes
Under 10 / 11 / 12’s 25 minutes
Under 13’s & 14’s 30 minutes
Under 15’s & 16’s 35 minutes
Under 16 Girls 35 minutes
Under 17’s 40 minutes
Over 35’s / 45’s & Over 30’s Ladies 40 minutes
Under 18’s 45 minutes
Under 21’s / Seniors 45 minutes
All Age Ladies 45 minutes
Premier League 45 minutes

What size ball should we be using?

In all competition matches the following ball sizes shall be used:


Age Group

Ball Size

Under 6’s / 7’s / 8’s / 9’s No. 3 ball : 22″-23″
Under 10’s / 11’s / 12’s / 13’s No. 4 Ball : 25″-26″
All other grades No. 5 Ball : 27″-28″

Small Sided Games - Handbook

Mini Roos (Small Sided Football)
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