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About Us

The Rockets’ first home ground playing field was at Greenup Park in Castle Hill. Greenup was the first public playing field in the district and was established by Dimi with Baulkham Hills Shire Council. The Rockets outgrew this venue and later moved to our current home ground at Eric Mobbs Reserve.

FunSkills & InHouse

Kick start your child’s football life with our highly regarded FunSkills and InHouse programs for 5-7year olds. The program is designed to introduce and develop football skills for young boys and girls.

Club Football/Teams

Our club has a rich heritage of developing many successful teams in all age groups and providing fun, competitive football in a family friendly environment. Click to learn more and register.

Female Football

We have a proud history of supporting female football of all ages. It is a key growth focus area for our club and we are also at the forefront of revitalising and promoting women’s soccer within the Hills District.

ASA Academy

Castle Hill RSL Rockets FC has a proud and long standing affiliation with the ASA Football Academy. This arrangement gives serious Rocket players a pathway to elite ‘European style’ coaching.

Funskills / Inhouse


Football Club with 50 Years of Experience

The Rockets had its humble beginnings during 1966. On the 24th July that year, the founder Mr Dimitar Mikulasev (better known as “Dimi”) formalised the club called “Hills Independent Sports Club”. Dimi held the office of Club Secretary from 1966 through to 1972, Sports Manager for many years and Club President from 1989 through 1990.


One of the club’s key philosophies has been to provide sporting opportunities to the young children of the Hills district and this was evident in the Rockets’ early years where for no fee, the club provided places to children from Marella Mission, St Michaels Boys Home and the Charlton Boys Home.